Special Edition - 10th Anniversary "The Race of Gentlemen" Pennant

Mel - TROG





These pennants were created to celebrate the 10th year of continuous beach racing that has thrilled and inspired thousands of spectators on the beaches of New Jersey. They are made to represent an era that is long gone with the hand detailing and stain process each one goes through. They are handcrafted by the artist and designed to remind us why we absolutely love to watch vintage cars race down the beach for bragging rights, comradery among a shared appreciation of vintage and handmade. A celebration of a lost tradition on the jersey shore - They were drawing in the crowds in 1905 just as they do today. These flags are not for sale but were made for the curator of "the Race of Gentlemen" Mel Stultz to celebrate 10 successful years and with the hopes of many more to follow.