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What are people saying about our flags/pennants

Everyone that steps into our home has commented on these flags and asked where they can get theirs. They are very unique and they are right, these flags are perfectly - imperfect! we love them.

Bill Adler

Waxed Surf Flags are a great tasteful way to bring beach decor into your home. We love the handmade look to these flags - it's authentic!

Susan Armacost

We were so happy to see this product offered, its visually exciting, unique and a great piece of local history. My husband was thrilled with his gift.

Mary Salon

What are people saying about our flags/pennants

I was blown away when I openned the package - It had more of an authentic vintage look than the photos represented. We purchased 5 different flags and each one is a gem. Thank you so much for these, I'm sure we will be purchasing more.

Pat K

As an interior designer I have seen many products to provide a classic beach theme inside multi million dollars homes, but none have had the design impact or clients reactions like these flags. A must have for true "Beach Design".

Sharon Millerstien

When I gave this to my husband, he smiled from ear to ear. His response was "Perfect Gift!"

Lindsay Grath