Meet the artist

Buxton Lighthouse - Outer Banks NC

Waxed surf flags represent an individual’s story, adventure, and journey unique to each purchaser. What makes these flags so special – is you.

Waxed Surf Flags is the culmination of a life spent around fashion, art, surfing and the beaches of New Jersey and to be more specific, the once unknown southern coastal town of Avalon NJ. Spent summers there, married there, lived there with my wife and still call it home today. This is where my journey began and from here I tell my story through designs inspired from that small coastal town,
through travel, adventures and a life lived at the beach. The pallet I draw from is vast, and uses history and the seaside colors to the weather worn artifacts
scattered about from storms that I would come across in my daily beach travels. From sunrise to sunsets, Nor’easters to hurricanes, the changes of season and all the summers that are now history. The people and places and stories I’ve been told, these are the inspiration of these flags.

I started surfing at age 8, couldn't swim very well but could "Doggie paddle" like no one else. My wet weight of 50 lbs and the 50 lbs Greg Noll 9'6" DaCat (that was my older brothers) was my first go at surfing. Couldn't carry it to the water's edge, but once my he brought it to the water - I was gone!  I would do this day after day until the next thing I know I'm out in the line up myself and still in the line up to this day.

I have a degree in architecture and graphic design with a passion for photography always seeing things in a different way and trying to capture the “Feel“ I am experiencing at that moment and that’s what these flags do for many.

Waxed Surf Flags represent an individual’s journey, adventure, time spent with family, friends, or memory each unique and special to that person. That’s why we use the phrase “Where the journey begins . . .” Typically you don’t realize the special journey until it’s over. So we help you commemorate that journey, a peek back, which brings a smile.

Some like to show pride in their town others want their special surf break, these flags represent your journey, your experience, your adventures.

I hope you enjoy displaying them as much as I do creating them.

Thanks for reading,
David A. Cummings
Please remember to always try to leave the beach cleaner than when you arrived!